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My FB Corner / La moda y la belleza: Protégete del sol con.. Note that FIG. 11 reveals an optimal relative diameter for the throat of the venturi device (and a corresponding optimal relative cross-sectional area) when driven by waves of the specified kind, in water characterized by the specified choke speed. 8. Let’s assume that we want to know the optimal amount of power available to a submerged venturi device, and the corresponding relative venturi throat diameter needed to achieve that optimal level of available power, when our venturi device will operate in waters characterized by a choke speed of 30 m/s (i.e.

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FIG. 13C also displays what the actual water-speed profile, of the water flowing through the throat of a venturi device with a venturi factor of 18.9, would be if the water entering the venturi device mouth was characterized by a choke speed of 25 m/s. I.e. the optimal amount of power is found at a relative throat diameter that is smaller than the diameter at which the water’s choke speed begins to limit the flow of water through the venturi tube. Note that the wave begins and ends at points described as “troughs” where the water is at its lowest level during the wave cycle. Wave period is shown on the abscissa, optimal relative throat diameter on the left ordinate, and optimal power on the right ordinate. If we want to calculate the actual throat diameter and available power for a specific venturi device, we need to scale each of the relative values specified in FIG.

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A type of turbine suitable for use within a venturi is the family of turbines known as free flow or kinetic turbines. The temperature of the seawater in which a venturi device will operate will typically range from −2° C. to 30° C. Within this range of temperatures the vapor pressure of water, and hence the choke speed of a venturi device, will vary only slightly.

When multiplied by the cross-sectional area of the mouth of the venturi device considered in our example (i.e. 8 by the appropriate attribute of the mouth of the actual venturi device. The upward force provided by the buoy acts on the upper end of rigid support 157, and the drag induced by the unfurled venturi shroud 133 acts on the lower end of support 157. For the same reason that a wind vane orients itself to point into the wind, the central rigid support, and its attached venturi shroud, are compelled to point toward the buoy. Dolor de espalda por el colchon . Thus, it becomes possible to move the position of the generator, and its attached shaft or cable, and the attached turbine, with respect to the venturi tube. As water flows through, and accelerates through, the venturi device, air is drawn out of the pipes connected to the venturi throat’s suction ports. FIGS. 11 and 12 show the relationship between the diameters of the venturi throat (relative to the diameter of the venturi mouth) for two sets of conditions that might exemplify the operation of submerged venturi devices.

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13D indicates that the power available for extraction from the water flowing through the venturi throat (assuming a venturi factor of 18.9, as in this example) will be 424 kW/m2 (i.e. At this speed, it would be difficult to extract a significant amount of energy from the flowing water with a simple turbine because the amount of power that can be extracted from a flowing stream of water by a turbine is proportional to the cube of its speed. 1. Calculate the amount of power available with respect to every throat diameter under consideration, with respect to the wave complement characteristic of every interval during the specified period of time (e.g. FIG. 6 illustrates the effect of reducing the diameter of a venturi device’s throat, relative to the diameter of its mouth, on several important aspects of its behavior.

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This is the choke speed one might expect to encounter with a venturi device operating at a depth of about 22 meters. The algorithm used to calculate the choke speed of a venturi tube as a function of depth is not explained in this patent, but it will be familiar to anyone skilled in the art. Therefore, when we discuss varying the diameter of the throat of a venturi tube in order to optimize the venturi effect, and the resulting extraction of power, we will discuss that throat diameter relative to a fixed (though arbitrary) diameter of the corresponding mouth of the venturi tube. This tradeoff is what this invention seeks to optimize. With respect to this definition, the wave energy device proposed by Heck would be regarded as incorporating a venturi effect of trivial extent, and Heck’s device would therefore not infringe on this patent.

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This means that the optimization of the venturi tube’s design by the method of this invention must try to find an optimal balance between these extremes of ambient water speed. Other embodiments of such suction-based power extraction schemes are possible, and these other embodiments would also be covered by the scope of this patent. These represent one and three-quarters of the wave’s progress towards its next trough. Dolor de espalda y testiculos . Ocean waves also represent a very concentrated energy source, offering the potential for the harvesting of large amounts of energy using relatively small devices. 8 is an arbitrary value and does not represent an upper limit. This increase in the overall amount of power available for extraction is a consequence of the correlation between the amount of power available and the cube of the water’s speed.

The maximum amount of power available for extraction when the venturi device is driven by 4 meter waves with a period of 15 seconds is about 100 kW/m2. For instance, we will often express a power level as some amount of kilowatts per square meter. Note that the power levels displayed in this graph are specified in terms of power per square meter (i.e.

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We express such power levels as a level of power proportional to the cross-sectional area of the mouth of the venturi device under discussion. 13A as well as the water flowing through the throat of a venturi device as shown in FIG. 5e. Avoiding, or Reducing, Cavitation When the water flowing through a venturi device is accelerated to a point at which it reaches, and would, if possible, exceed, the choke speed of the water, then cavitation will occur. Thus, when the suction diminished near the peaks and troughs of the waves driving the vertical motion of the device, there would little, if any, tendency on the part of the water in the venturi throat to rush in to the pipe(s).

The 30% increase in the speed of the water passing through Heck’s turbine would be expected to result in an 80% increase in the power available for extraction, and in the power which would ultimately be extracted. Average available power for each device, with respect to water entering the mouth of the device with a speed profile as defined in FIG. The lines shown in FIG. 15. The two lines in FIG. This embodiment incorporates two optional features either of which, or both of which, may be incorporated in an embodiment of this invention. Dolor en la parte de afuera de la rodilla . 30, 2014 (whose entire contents are hereby incorporated by reference), which is a divisional of U.S. CROSS-REFERENCE RELATED APPLICATIONS This application is a divisional of co-pending U.S. 6, 2015, and which also claims the benefit of the prior filing date of Provisional Patent Application No.

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25A and 25B, the struts 227, or cables, which at one end are attached not directly to the buoy 26, but instead to a platform 81. The platform 81 is then attached to one or more lifting means 80 a and 80 b. 22A and 22B with small buoy 26 a.

22A and 22B is connected to buoy 26 a by cable 144, the rising and falling of the portable venturi shroud generates electrical power. 13C and the power available in the throat of the venturi device as shown in FIG. Heck device, and through the enclosed turbine. Another problem with the Heck device is its use of a single central pipe which encloses the turbine shaft and is also responsible for maintaining the attachment, and fixing the position (in a rigid manner), of the turbine and the cylindrical housing. For a wave energy device, like the one comprising the preferred embodiment of this invention, and illustrated in FIG. For example, as the cross-sectional area of the venturi 31 is halved, the speed of the water flow is doubled.