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Fisioterapia - Centro Medico Monterosa - Centro.. At least two rigid supporting legs (163) are mounted on the upper surface of each float 165. The tops of supporting legs 163 are coupled to platform 160 providing its support while floats 165 are floating in seawater. FIG. 6 a illustrates two holders (140) substantially vertically installed on platform 160. Holders 140 support an armature casing (125) enclosing an armature core (120) with coils (130) wound thereon. There is a number of magnetohydrodynamic units (184), further called MHDU 184, installed on chambers 185. Only two MHDUs 184 are shown on FIG. FIG. 12 a shows combined control-electrolyzer unit 175 connected to MHDUs 184 to utilize their electric power produced in the electricity generation mode for electrolysis. 2 b. The air gap (g1) should be much less than (g2) and (g4) to minimize losses of magnetic flux for mutual magnetic fields between pairs of neighboring magnets, and for parasitic eddy currents induced in the coil’s external layer, when a magnet 110 transversely crosses the space under coil 130, separated by the air gap (g2), as depicted on FIG.

3 b, between tooth 120T and magnet 110 should be made generally at least three times less than an air gap (g2) between magnet 110 and the innermost surface of coil 130. The air gap (g1) might generally be made at least nine times less than an air gap (g4) between two neighboring magnets for the above stated reasons indicated in the previous embodiment. Then the electric current is switched off; the solenoid returns to its initial position, and the blocking spring-loaded mechanism revolves the blades into their initial (closed) position. Dolor en las articulaciones de los tobillos . The ending sections R1 and R2 correspondingly comprise armature cores (120R1) and (120R2), and inductor cores (112R1) and (112R2), fixed on a rod (150) attached to an impelling means. For platform-based wave energy converters there is however another issue: how to stabilize the platform during a storm with such excessive sea waves. For an effective energy conversion, the dimensions of the float should generally commensurate with the wavelength that often is substantially greater than the float’s dimensions.

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Apparently, if necessary, the IWECS may be employed to produce oxygen gas, which can be used in devices for chemical or other processes, including installations mounted on the platform. Another aim of the invention is to demonstrate different combinations of such transducers and converters employed in the on-shore, near-shore, and offshore installations. 7 e, 7 d. Shaft 127 is made in a proper size and of proper material to withstand high distortion loads that may be caused by the excessively large waves. Lever 161 should be balance so that its vertical arm would be positioned substantially vertically absence sea waves. When the water body’s velocity increases to a predetermined amount, water pump 183 should be switched off. A frame (152) is fixed to the lower end of rod 150. Frame 152 supports an arc segment assembly with an angular amount of two “beta”, including a lower inductor core (112) (the inductor should be placed in a water-proof cover not shown herein), having a radius (Rr1) with a plurality of magnets (110) downwardly mounted to core 112, and an upper inductor core (114) having a radius (Rr2) with a plurality of magnets (116) upwardly mounted to core 114. The difference between the “alpha” and “beta” angles determines the maximum arc of a one half-swinging of the inductor, which is provided by suitable stopper means (not shown herein).

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The induced electromotive force (EMF) is generally proportional to the derivative of the changing magnetic flux, and in winding 103 is indicated on FIG. This causes a greater EMF in coil 1304 and much greater in coil 1305 than in coil 1303 during the rotation. As a result, the impeller surface changes from a concave-like shape to a grating-like shape allowing the waves to flow through it, thereby protecting the device from the excessive large waves. However, in this embodiment there are sizing differences: the cross-section of the coils wiring for section A is significantly less than for section B, as well as the widths of the armature and inductor cores for section A is also less than for section B. As a result, the air gap (g1A) is greater than (g1B), and (g3A) is greater than (g3B). The position P120, reflected on FIG. 0. Causas de dolor en hombro izquierdo . The successive relative position of magnet 101 and core 102 is depicted on FIG.

During a storm, the amplitude of waves, and the displacement of rod 150 are increasing, and the ending magnets 110A enter the zones of magnetic interaction with ending (uppermost and lowermost) teeth 120AE (the air gap is equal to g3A), and, if coils 130A1 and 130A4 are switched on and connected to the rectifier, an electric current is induced therein, slowing the movement of rod 150, but producing more electric power at the same time. 11. In this embodiment, electrolyzer 176 receives seawater from a water pump (179), which in turn may receive the output water heated up in said heat exchanger described above in the section called “MSL-IWET: Modified Lower And Bottom Compartments With A Heat Exchanger”. Another aim of the invention is to provide various base means, including floatable platforms with variable properties, for the wave energy converters. It thus becomes possible to adapt the movement of the float to resemble the wave motion, and to more effectively convert the wave energy into mechanical energy of the float by means of deceleration (braking) and acceleration (releasing) of its movement at predetermined moments of the cycle (phase) with predetermined forces.

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For instance, variations of the number and generated electric power of inducing IWET coils (switched on) on the platform will change the internal properties of the oscillating system, since it increases the absorbed (consumed by the electrical load) energy of the oscillations (i.e. 2 a, and the amount of flux is (Fm). ½ Ts and the amount of flux is (−Fm). The generator is capable to measure dynamic parameters (relative acceleration, velocity and displacement between the structures) as well as magnitudes of the current and voltage across the coil structure, and the amount of the current is controlled based on the dynamic parameters.

8 b, 8 a, comprises an inductor including a substantially cylindrical inductor core (112A) having a through inner central channel, which core 112A may be made of materials and by technology similar to core 120A. The inward surface of the inner channel of core 112A is continuously fixed to rod 150, as shown on FIG.