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Apparently, if necessary, the IWECS may be employed to produce oxygen gas, which can be used in devices for chemical or other processes, including installations mounted on the platform. For simplicity of discussion, this embodiment is demonstrated in a two-sectional variation, though other embodiments of MSL-IWET may comprise any necessary number of sections and may be appropriately combined with any IWET or IWEC embodiment disclosed herewithin. 7 a and 7 b illustrate a rack gear comprising a rack (121), fixed by its lower end in frame 152, and being in proper contact with at least two pinions (122) and (122A). Pinions 122 and 122A further transform the linearly reciprocating vertical movement of rack 121 into a rotational motion of the above-described shaft 127 and correspondingly of another substantially identical shaft (127A) positioned in parallel to each other.

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AHA News: Cardiólogo neoyorquino, sobreviviente de COVID.. Referring to FIGS. 6 a and 6 b, this modified pendulum IWEC embodiment comprises a telescopic leg (168) by its lower end mounted on the ground level of sea bottom (g-g). In order to compensate the remaining energy losses, water pump 183 should operate periodically, when the velocity of the rotating water body (measured by a suitable sensor, not shown; or the induced voltage on electrodes 184E may be measured by MHDU 184, which is proportional to the velocity) is decreasing lower than a predetermined level. Thus, many known WEC constructions deploy a vertically reciprocating float moved by the surface waves relatively to a substantially immovable housing rigidly anchored to the sea bottom ground level (the housing is often placed underwater, for instance, as taught in the above mentioned U.S. Adjustable Impellers for Running Surface Sea Waves.

Also, the upper outer surface of specially designed closures between and above the platforms can be used to mount solar-electric power panels, which will generate electricity during calm sunny weather when the sea waves are usually small, i.e. At least two rigid supporting legs (163) are mounted on the upper surface of each float 165. The tops of supporting legs 163 are coupled to platform 160 providing its support while floats 165 are floating in seawater. The MP-IWECS embodiment comprises a plurality of waterproof cables (138), each enclosing cables 131, 137, 136, which cables 138 each connects one MSL-IWET with one unit 175. Other embodiments may have a different schema, such as connecting one unit 175 to a plurality of MSL-IWETs, or vice-versa, with an implementation of control principles following below, or with a different control and electrical load system. 11), IWSG control units, and all other aforementioned control means.

The Control Issue and Effectiveness of the Platform-Based IWECS. The movement is further translated, pulling and turning the blades into the open position, which is kept during a predetermined time, and then the blades return to the closed position. During the upward vertical displacement piston 150P compresses the cooling liquid in upper portion 146 of the lower compartment, and, at a predetermined pressure, opens valve 113B inletting the cooling liquid through channel 139 into cooling pockets 133 of all the coils of the transducer.

The amplitude, frequency of vertical oscillations, displacement of rod 150, its velocity, and acceleration (motion parameters) are registered and measured by sensor device 136S (shown on FIG. Dolor anterior de la rodilla . Pat. No. 6,952,060 to Goldner et al, hereby entirely incorporated by reference, its authors noticed, that “the reported mechanical and electrical energy conversion for the total generator unit were relatively low, ranging from 2.7 to 4.8%.” Further, Goldner teaches an electric generator and regenerative electromagnetic shock absorber which converts variable frequency repetitive intermittent linear displacement motion to useful electrical power. The linkages are adapted to operate a typically hydraulic power take off system driving an electric alternator. When the water body’s velocity increases to a predetermined amount, water pump 183 should be switched off. Lever 161 should be balance so that its vertical arm would be positioned substantially vertically absence sea waves.

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Of course, the construction of the lever should be modified accordingly. The inclined arms of lever 161 are inserted into slots 167 that is the swinging is restricted by the size of the slots. DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION OF THE INVENTION While the invention may be susceptible to embodiment in different forms, there is shown in the drawings, and will be described in detail herein, a number of specific embodiments of the present invention with their implementations and modifications, with the understanding that the present disclosure is to be considered an exemplification of the principles of the invention, and is not intended to limit the invention to that as illustrated and described herein. Other aims of the invention will become apparent from a consideration of the drawings, ensuing description, and claims as hereinafter related. Pat. No. 6,768,217 (motion translator, buffer system, etc.) and in the other mentioned above patents incorporated by reference, may be utilized in a combination with the MSL-IWET, if properly combined.

8 a, 8 b, and its elements and relations therebetween are herein described for only one row of teeth, coils, or magnets, with the understanding that the description is equally applied to any other of the identical rows of corresponding teeth, coils, or magnets. Likewise, wind power generators may be used in combinations with the IWECs (not shown in the drawings herein). 10. It is convenient to use cylindrically shaped tanks 180 and the half-cylindrical shape of closures 171. Tanks 180 may be fastened to platform 170 and/or to closure 171 by appropriate fastening means (not shown in the drawings). Alternatively, the linear reciprocating motion of the float may be translated into a rotation of an IWET’s inductor using a worm gear, or another translating means that does not depart such a converter form the principles of the present invention.

The neutral position of rod 150 is chosen so that the middle magnets 110 of cores 112A and 112B are respectively situated approximately opposite the middle teeth 120AT and 120BT of the corresponding cores 120A and 120B. The air gap between magnets 110A and teeth 120AT is equal to (g1A) as illustrated on FIG.

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A mechanical version of the releasing means (not illustrated) may be used, e.g. Pat. Dolor fuerte de espalda alta . No. 6,833,631) or to a construction fixed to the ground, e.g. The ending sections R1 and R2 correspondingly comprise armature cores (120R1) and (120R2), and inductor cores (112R1) and (112R2), fixed on a rod (150) attached to an impelling means. The IWET comprises a cylindrical revolving shaft (127), for example, connected to and rotated by the pinions of the rack gear described in the foregoing rotational embodiment of IWET. As known, a rotating body possesses a rotational type of inertia, which for a long time is used in a gyroscope, capable to keep its direction of rotational axis substantially unchanged while its frame is subject to movements, impacts, and vibrations. Magnets 110A are positioned so that any two neighboring magnets in the peripheral direction have the same magnetic polarity, whereas any two neighboring magnets in the longitudinal direction have the opposite magnetic polarity, as illustrated on FIG.

The induced current directions in winding 103 are illustrated by small circles containing an X-symbol for the current facing from the viewer, and a dot-symbol for the current facing toward the viewer, according to Fleming’s rule. The IWEC is illustrated on FIG. The cooling sub-system shown on FIG. FIG. Dolor de cabeza y espalda . 12 b is an isometric view of the IWSG, according to the embodiment of the present invention shown on FIG. FIG. 3 e is schematic sectional view of fragments of the inductor and the armature of an IWET, according to another embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 12 c is a sectional view of the IWSG with an MHD-unit, according to the embodiment of the present invention shown on FIG. The number of bridges 177 may be substantially reduced to only four, if the coils with the same phase (a one-phase coils group) are connected in parallel to only one bridge 177. On FIG.

El muletas Gerardo Ortiz - GoLectures - Online Lectures An elongated pushing rod (150), depicted on FIG. The first half-period of the Ts cycle (0-½ Ts) is shown on the graph of FIG. For example, if the inductor core 112, shown on FIGS. They show an immovable conductive winding (103) wound on an U-shaped core (102) and a movable U-shaped permanent magnet (101) that is moving with a velocity (v1) in the transversal direction to core 102. Magnet 101 and core 102 are mutually disposed so that when magnet 101 fully approaches core 102, they together form a loop-like configuration as shown on FIG. The apparatus may also include mooring systems that maintain the complete apparatus in a position that is consistent with statutory requirements and not significantly inhibit its efficient operation. Alternatively to the water ballast tanks, a pull-up-and-down subsystem may be arranged and, possibly, combined with the anchoring subsystem, powered by the IWETs installed on the peripheral platform.

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Sometimes, it may be necessary to do the opposite, i.e. The relation between the EMF and induced current, particularly, depends upon characteristics of an electric load in the circuit of the induced current. 6,812,588, hereby also entirely incorporated by reference, describes a WEC selectively adjustable in length, utilizing a downward gravitational force to discharge fluid from a piston assembly connected to a floatation device, which fluid drives a hydraulic power generator that can be used to produce electric energy. A fourth difference is that this construction is adaptable to alterations of the waves direction due to a special shape of the floats and an adjustable step-bearing, supporting a housing, both rotatable substantially in the horizontal plane. Since the overall magnetic field of all the magnets are unequal along the axial longitudinal direction that is the direction of magnets movement, these unequal spots are registered by the coil enclosing the magnets.