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1) represents the magnets or pieces of high magnetic permeability (with one or more magnets inside them) and (2) the stator windings, (5) the portions of high magnetic permeability of the rotor and (4) the portions of low magnetic permeability, (6) the turbine blades, (7) the pieces of non-magnetizable material to keep the magnets rigidly joined to each other, (3′) a non-magnetizable material that fills the spaces between the magnets and (8′) the ring to which the magnets with the stator windings have been fixed. FIG. 29 represents an example of a non-watertight independent three-phase permanent magnet generator.

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Muletas aluminio: Elige tu color en Also permanent magnet generators of the type of those installed in the form of a ring described previously but installed in an independent way, could be used with any prime mover, for which it will be necessary to place in the central area of the exciter-armature rings, a disc (41) of a suitable thickness (or a structure of braces) with its shaft (36), and around which the rings are fixed, as for example in FIGS. Although in FIG. 29 a three-phase generator of projecting poles is represented, any other could be used with any number of poles. This type of installation and use can also be done with any type of non-watertight magnetoelectric or variable reluctance generator, any type of turbine, with or without nozzle.

One of the possible embodiments of this type of turbine with articulated blades is shown in FIGS. 25, 26, 27 and 28. In the figures it can be seen that the blades have articulations at the ends with which they are connected to the rotating drum, and may have stops (29) at the farthest points of the turning radius (preferably at the lateral extremes of the cylindrical crown, and with one pair for each blade). With the object of avoiding eddies being produced when turning, the gaps (4) between the teeth or portions (5) (the shape, thickness and dimensions of which can vary depending on the case) can be filled with a material of low magnetic permeability, preferably light (if using a material of great diamagnetism, the variation of flux will be greater). These rings and pseudo-rings can be hollow or not, and could be totally or partially filled with another material, preferably of low density and that provides buoyancy, for example polyurethane foam or polystyrene.

This C-shaped casing (or pseudo-rings with a C-shaped section joined by braces) should be joined to the ring or system of rings or fixed inner cylinder, if it has one, by means of suitable braces or by some other means. The inner cylinders or fixed components may likewise have covers or a similar system that allows extracting the stators of the same from the inside. They may also have systems of stators and rotors on the two areas (outer and inner) simultaneously. If the blades are articulated, the stops can also be located on the area of the outer periphery, on the part close to the lateral walls of the nozzle.

If it is wished to augment the speed of turn of the turbine in order to increase the power, in addition to installing them in the area of the critical section of a convergent-divergent nozzle of an adequate size for the turbine, they can also be located in natural narrows where the water acquires a greater speed in a natural way. In these locations very far from the coast, on the high seas, there is no inconvenience to transport the electrical energy to land by means of undersea cables, but if it is wished to use it for the desalination of water or to obtain hydrogen from sea water, it is more convenient to generate it close to the coast, and transport it to land by means of pipelines, that are advisable to be as short as possible. If they are installed in areas of greater depth and far from the coast, it is preferable to do it by suspending them from suitable platforms, which are advisable to have an appropriate means to allow their raising and maintenance.

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Any of these devices could be installed in many ways, for example anchored directly to the seabed or hanging from a bridge or anchored platforms, floating or not, which has the additional advantage of allowing them to be raised for maintenance. This type of turbine also has lower cost of fabrication and maintenance. The rotor of this type of generator is formed by a ring on the periphery of which alternating portions of high magnetic permeability (not magnetized) (5 in FIGS.

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In addition to the advantages when compared with conventional ones of not having commutators or brushes and therefore not forming arcs or sparks in them, of being more silent, more efficient (in great part due to the elimination of the primary current), of heating less, etc., they also have advantages when compared with those of permanent magnets, in that as they do not have magnets on their rotor, they can be much lighter and with the same turbine the rotor can reach a higher speed, not producing complete inversion of the magnetic field, so losses in them by hysteresis and Foucault currents are lower, etc.

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Although their construction is simpler, the way they work is similar to those that have already been explained. The object of the gearbox is to obtain a much greater speed of rotation of the generator rotor (36) than that of the turbine (35), such that although the turbine rotates at a low speed, we can obtain greater speeds of rotation of the rotor of the generator, and with that higher values of induced electromotive force. El ibuprofeno sirve para el dolor muscular . As for the diamagnetic material, in the case of using it, it is convenient that it has a high diamagnetism (such as pyrolytic graphite, suitably insulated, for example). All of this not dismissing using the obtained electrical energy directly in its place of generation for other possible uses.

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This type of system can be used to obtain electrical energy not only from marine and river currents, but also for any case where a relative movement of the system is produced with regard to any fluid that makes the turbine rotate and with that the generator. As platforms even the structures of old oil platforms that had been left disused could be used. It could also be used for the desalination of sea water.

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The generator shaft can be directly connected to the turbine, or otherwise by means of a gearbox (as for example that of FIG. The armature is formed by a set of coils with cores of magnetizable material without residual magnetism and of high permeability, attached to a ring of a high permeability material, and without residual magnetism (for example a large number of very thin laminae of Fe-Si, insulated from each other and strongly compressed, or any other suitable means to minimize Foucault currents). Each turbine can have one or several ring-shaped generators, their number being able to vary.