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Abstract science fiction futuristic background with blue neon lights Such energy can be used directly or can be used, for example, in conjunction with a hydrogen conversion installation on shore which could permit the energy produced to be stored and utilized as needed. 3 and 5. The guide members 36 can be secured in any suitable manner to the strap 34, for example, by welding.

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1 or FIG. 2 can be installed on the floor of the body of water in any suitable manner. In accordance with the present invention, a support structure is mounted in the body of water so as to define a relatively shallow reservoir, with the depth of water in the reservoir being at a predetermined level, for example, 15 to 50 feet, below the water level in the surrounding body of water.

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The float members can be positioned at normal water level, or they can be entirely submerged as long as they are subjected to wave action to provide the necessary vertical movement of the float members. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates as indicated to a wave action generating system, and relates more particularly to a system for generating electric power through the utilization of wave forces in bodies of water such as oceans, seas, and lakes appropriate in size.

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SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A principal object of the present invention is to provide a wave action generating system which can be used essentially at any location where the vertical component of the wave forces meets or exceeds a level to make the system economically feasible. Similarly, the energy produced is proportionately less, based on the square of the radius, where the diameter of the pump piston or the height of the pump housing is less than used in the calculations. Although the dimensions of the silo are not absolutely critical, studies have indicated that a silo approximately 80 feet high and having an exterior diameter of 60-90 feet will provide the desired pressure differential. For example, with six foot waves, the energy equivalent would be increased 50%, and the energy equivalent is doubled for each additional two feet of piston travel. A bottom supporting plate 48 is mounted between front and rear bottom frame members, and two float members shown in dashed lines at 50 are supported on the bottom support member 48 and the inwardly directed horizontal flange portions of the bottom support members.

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Two turbine generators are diagrammatically and commonly designated at 18 in FIG. It will be seen that the energy produced is entirely due to wave action forces, and is translated into hydrostatic pressure which in turn produces electrical energy from the turbine generators. It will further be understood that the weight of the counterweight will be calibrated with the weight of the float carriage 42, which also, due to gravity forces, supplements the downward movement of the piston 80 following the passing of the wave, and the weight will further be calibrated with the environmental conditions of the installation. A further object of the invention is to provide a wave action generating system which is extremely simple in construction and which can be installed quickly and easily.

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A further feature of the invention is the provision of a unique pipe and valving arrangement communicating the lower chamber of the pump with both the reservoir and the open body of water. In both FIGS. 1 and 2, the pump housings are shown alternatively mounted in radially spaced concentric circles. The housings for the turbine generators can likewise be formed during the construction of the silo. The turbine generators are mounted in suitable housings as known in the art, and the energy produced therefrom taken off in known fashion. It will be understood that the counterweight 82 can be of suitable shape and formed of any suitable material to accomplish the intended purpose.

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In accordance with the invention, the support structure can consist of a cofferdam, or an annular silo-type construction, which can be either open ended or closed at the top. The closed top silo form of FIG. 5, the strap 34 defines the interior dimensions of the frame. Dolor muscular debajo de las costillas . However, such movement away from the horizontal is limited by engagement of the carrier rollers with a particular guide frame member so as to maintain the float carriage in as substantially a horizontal position as possible. Thus, during installation of the system in a particular water environment, the float carrier can be vertically adjusted for optimum wave action. Water under head pressure enters the turbine generators at the exterior of the silo, with the water discharged by the generators entering the reservoir 20 formed within the silo.

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Moreover, the production of electrical energy in accordance with the present invention is totally non-polluting, an obvious advantage during the present state of environmental concern. During formation of the silo, water withdrawal lines 14 are positioned and precast into the silo, as are openings for the turbine generators 18. It will be understood, although not shown, that the turbine generators will be housed as necessary to protect the generators from the submerged environment. The pipe includes a first section which extends generally horizontally between the reservoir and the open body of water, through the wall of the support structure, a second pipe section which is generally vertical and which communicates at the bottom thereof with the first pipe section and at the top thereof with the bottom of the lower pump chamber, and a third pipe section which communicates with the second pipe section and at its outer end with the open body of water.

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By pumping water from the reservoir and subsequently replenishing the reservoir with water discharged from the turbine generators, a predetermined differential or head can be maintained between the water level in the reservoir and the water level surrounding the silo. The size and location of the cofferdam are such that the necessary differential in water levels between the reservoir and the open body of water is maintained. The adjusted location will depend upon the water level in the body of water surrounding the silo so as to subject the float carriage and float members to maximum wave action. The use of wave forces provides a continuous and inexhaustible source of energy and serves as an efficient and useful alternative to the utilization of fossil fuels for energy production. For example, a wave swell might initially contact and consequently move vertically the outer concentric circle of floats, with the inner circle of floats being subjected to the absolute wave crest.

FIG. 6 is a fragmentary top plan view of an alternative form of the invention in which the support structure for the pump assemblies and related floats comprises a cofferdam installed in the body of water so as to define therewithin a shallow reservoir. As above described, a pipe 14 is associated with each pump housing for withdrawing water from the reservoir within the silo and, referring to FIGS.