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Thus the stroke (travel) of the piston to compress the air in the upper chamber has been reduced. This would make the reliability and predictability of the output significantly better; underground storage via compressed air has been considered as an alternative to pumped-storage for “storage” of electricity. The piston stroke length is thus a function of the wave amplitude, and air compression within the cylinder upper chamber is obtained even with quite small amplitude waves. According to another aspect of the present invention, there is provided a wave energy converter (WEC) comprising: a float intended to lie along the surface of a body of water and designed to move generally in-phase with the waves present in the body of water; a spar intended to extend vertically, generally perpendicular to the float and the surface of the body of water, said spar extending below the surface of the body of water and intended to move vertically up and down generally out-of-phase with the waves; a power take off device (PTO) connected between the spar and the float for compressing air in response to their relative motion, the air compressor including a cylinder and a piston for compressing the air within the cylinder; the cylinder being attached to one of the float and spar and the piston being connected to the other one of the float and spar; and a heave plate symmetrically connected to a submerged portion of the spar, said heave plate extending in a plane perpendicular to the spar, said heave plate extending transversely to the vertical direction of the movement of the spar for impeding the heave motion of the spar and for regulating the stroke of the piston within the cylinder.

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Estrella-L Bastón de Masaje del Atleta, masajeador.. 1 (e.g., floating buoys) floating on a body of water with each capturing wave energy and creating compressed air, as previously described. Networked WECWAC buoys Still another aspect of the invention is shown in Fig.3. An interesting aspect of the invention is that a variable stroke is obtained by moving the position of the cylinder relative to the piston.

In the described embodiments the position of the cylinder is essentially automatic once the buoyancy of the spar/cylinder combination has been selected. A number of variable-stroke concepts have been proposed in the past. Many systems have been proposed. However, none of these systems are practical, simple or self-regulating, and therefore reliability and cost are both compromised. Also, as wave height increases, the lower chamber 1.9 begins to pump, and the system is then balanced, with the upper and lower chambers pumping against each other. Como quitar el dolor de espalda baja . Air is drawn into chamber 1.8 via inlet piping 1.11 and upper inlet valves 1.12. Similarly, air is drawn into chamber 1.9 via inlet piping 1.11 and lower inlet valves 1.13. In Fig.

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The float 1.1 is connected via a bridge 1.4 to a piston rod 1.3 which is connected to piston 1.2. The bridge 1.4 and piston rod 1.3 provide a fixed rigid connection which ensures that the piston 1.2 moves with the float 1.1. The piston 1.2 effectively divides the cylinder 1.5 into two chambers (upper chamber 1.8 and lower chamber 1.9) within which air compression can take place on the up stroke and down stroke of the piston. Commercial units are now available which can do all the electrical power conditioning and can provide all the required protection relays.

20 ejercicios para olvidarte del dolor de espalda - Sportlife Some embodiments provide a wave energy converter with air compression (WECWAC) which includes a novel power take off (PTO) system. In a preferred embodiment, however, the prime mover comprises a wave energy converter with air compression (WECWAC) such as the device described herein or as disclosed in US patent 6,768,216, issued July 27, 2004, the subject matter of which is incorporated herein by reference.

Dolor cronico no oncologico Another reference, US patent 4,012,173 to Everson, Jr., shows the use of a variable stroke compressor powered by waves. Figure 4 shows an arrangement according to an embodiment of the invention including a number of WECVVACs 4.1 floating on the body of water with each VVECWAC creating compressed air as previously described.