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Close-up of physiotherapist inserting needles on patient In such a case, the buoyant members may be attached at any suitable position to the system, either directly, or indirectly by means of cables, chains, tethers or the like. In this way, the system of the present invention is not limited in the number and/or size of the generator assemblies, such as is the case with systems in which the generator assemblies are supported from a barge or vessel floating on the surface of the body of water or are located in shallow water.

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María Santísima de la Anunciación In this way, water is free to flow from the region between two adjacent blades, into the annular cavity, past the inner hub and into a region between two downstream blades. In this way, each group 222 is free to bend and rotate relative to each adjacent group of generator assemblies. The outer hub portion is provided with suitable openings and passages to allow water to flow between each blade cavity and the annular passage between the inner and outer hub portions. Alternatively, if a single impellor is employed, means must be provided to prevent the generator housing rotating out of proper alignment with the incident current flow under the action of the rotating impellor, as this will reduce the overall efficiency of the generator assembly. One preferred arrangement comprises one or more impellors arranged vertically, that is the or each impellor rotates about a vertical axis.

In the case that a plurality of generator assemblies are employed, each generator assembly may be arranged so as to be rotatable with respect to the fixture assembly, as hereinbefore described. The subsea installation may be any assembly of equipment that is located on the bed of the body of water. A power export cable 1010 extends from the central collector 1004 along the ocean floor, through which power generated in the generator assemblies 1006 is transported to an end user, for example a distant subsea installation, a surface installation or a power grid. Alternatively, the impellors may be connected to a suitable pump assembly to provide power in the form of a stream of pressurised fluid, such as hydraulic fluid or the like.

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For example, in one possible arrangement, the system may comprise means for detecting the direction of flow of the current and means for rotating the generator assembly, such as a suitable motor. Visualisations of two possible systems are given in the White Paper, the first showing an array of turbines having horizontally arranged turbines mounted on posts extending from the ocean floor, the second comprising horizontal turbine assemblies located within an annular housing and secured by cables. Again, the velocity profile of the current varies according to the depth, such that in the region of the water adjacent the ocean floor, the current has a very low rate of flow, the flowrate increasing with increasing distance from the ocean floor. In general, the deep currents in deep oceans have their highest flowrates some distance from the bed of the ocean, such that there is a zone with low or little to no flow of water adjacent the bed.

4, the installation comprises groups of three generator assemblies connected in such a manner. The wellhead assembly 304 serves as a fixture assembly for a generator assembly array, generally indicated as 306, connected to the wellhead assembly by a retaining assembly 308. The retaining assembly 308 is of the same general arrangement as the retaining assembly shown in FIGS.

The buoyant structure 910 shown in FIG.

The assembly shown in FIG. 1, 2, 3 and 8. The generator assembly 702 comprises a housing 704 having an upper housing end 706, a lower housing end 708, a front housing member 710 and a rear housing member 712. Dolor planta del pie debajo de los dedos . The generator assembly 702 may be secured to a retaining assembly at its lower housing end 708, as shown in FIG. The buoyant structure 910 shown in FIG. FIG. 23 is a plan view of a subsea installation array of still a further embodiment of the present invention. The direction of flow of the current is indicated by the arrows D. As can be seen in FIG. In addition, the generator assembly 10 is free to rotate and bend with respect to the retaining assembly 12. In particular, the swivel joint 30 allows the generator assembly 10 to rotate freely under the action of the prevailing currents, so as to remain properly aligned with the current flow.