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In the preferred embodiment, a unitary waterproof floatation collar, resembling a donut-shaped hollow ring is secured, by any convenient means, to the exterior portions of the tank, preferably in the uppermost regions thereof. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The structure and method of fabrication of the present invention is applicable to a hollow container, preferably fabricated from a plastic or metallic rugged material, such as polypropylene or steel, having an open mouth portion disposed in a lowermost position. Such sealed donut-like shaped floatation collar may be positioned at preferred locations along the height of the tank or, may be supplanted by a plurality of rib-like compartments extending in annular-like fashion about the exterior surface of the tank. 1 is a perspective view of an apparatus, well known in the prior art, utilizing a floatation tank. The rigid member or the flexible rope-like member is coupled to any wave motor device useful in translating reciprocal motion into convenient forms of energy, well known in the art.

This invention relates to improvements in wave motor tanks and more particularly to that class of wave motor tank which is useful at extracting energy from tidal and wave motion of large bodies of water due to the rise and fall thereof. As long as the tank is maintained in a near upright condition, this force is directed downwardly in a vertical line. Each of the floats are maintained in a vertical guidance system and each provides a turning force to the shaft utilizing the chains therefor. Friction, induced by the vertical posts providing vertical guidance for the tank, further diminishes the efficiency of the system. Similarly, swells and wave motion further cause the output shaft to rotate in the same direction due to the waves’ effect upon the tank. FIG. 3 is a side elevation, cross-sectional view of the present invention shown having an alternate means of supporting same thereon.

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FIG. 2 illustrates a cylindrical tank 36, being an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 3 illustrates tank 36, shown having bulbous portion 54 thereof in a solid construction disposed adjacent open mouth portion 42. Me levanto con dolor de espalda . Interior 64, of floatation collar 38, is shown communicating to pipe 60 which is communicated to a source of compressed air, if desired. If additional weight is desired to maintain the tank in a more upright condition, weights may be secured within or without the tank, adjacent the lowermost regions thereof, so as to position the longitudinal axis of the tank along a vertical line, having the open mouth regions thereof residing in a horizontal plane when the tank is disposed in an operative condition within a body of water. However, any attempt to move the improved tank upwardly relative to the surface of the water contained within the tank will be resisted by the product of the negative pressure times the surface area of the cross section of the interior tank at the intersection of the surface of the water therein and the vacuumized interior thereover.

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1. Dotted lines 74 simulate the uppermost level of water contained in region 76, in the interior of tank 36 when region 78 thereof experiences negative pressure. The cross-section of tank 36, at the location of dotted lines 74, determines the downward thrust due to the negative pressure of region 78. Obviously, the greater the negative pressure, or vacuum level, the greater such downward thrust. Such pipe may be coupled to a source of negative pressure, such as a vacuum pump. As long a such buoyant force is slightly greater than the weight of the improved tank and the force exerted by the negative pressure or vacuum therewithin, the improved tank will float.

This is so because the weight of the tank must always be slightly less than the buoyant forces exerted thereon. Therefor, this invention is to be limited, not by the specific disclosure herein, but only by the appending claims. This is accomplished by utilizing an inverted open mount container, of any convenient size or shape, having a rigid or flexible member affixed to the uppermost regions thereof for use in communicating the force generated by the tank motion in an upward and downward position. When the tank descends, as when the tide or waves permit same, the only force transmitted to the pair of racks thereof is a downward force of the same magnitude as the upward force.

Forgetting the mechanical constraints requiring such tanks to maintain their physical integrity during the buffeting that they receive in such environment, the tank efficiency is measured in terms of, in the main, the weight of the tank, an important consideration for manufacturing and transportation, the buoyancy of the tank, an important consideration in terms of the forces generated by such tank when rising and falling with the water supporting same and the overall size and form factor of the tank, an important consideration when designing a tank so as to optimize its use in varying locations responsive to local tide and wave conditions thereat. Prior art floatation tanks, of any size, had to be constructed such that the tank possesses sufficient strength to maintain the tank in floatable condition whilst allowing the tank to be buffeted by the action of waves and tides of the water supporting same.

Also of importance is the need to provide vertical support columns so as to guide the tank in a constrained area whilst allowing such tanks to rise and fall in place. Vertical columns 32 provide vertical support to platform 16, when positioned over a body of water 34. Dolor abdominal con dolor de espalda . Such prior art apparatus is disclosed in U.S. Since the improved tank is “clamped” to a given body of water and since the improved tank experiences the effective weight of a much heavier tank, the improved tank tends to require less vertical guidance than prior art tanks. Each chain passes through a passage in the float to terminate a second lighter weight.

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As each float moves down, it pulls a chain about a first pulley raising a first weight, a first releasable ratchet allowing its first pulley to turn and a non-releasable ratchet allowing it to turn without rotating the shaft. 1, by having the other end of flexible line 72 wrapped about output shaft 28, shown in FIG. Flexible line 72 is useful in coupling tank 36, shown in FIG. 1. Tab ears 50, secured to collar 38, utilize bolts 52 to secure collar 38 to surface 40. Bulbous portion 54 of tank 36, is shown located adjacent end 44 thereof. Alternatively, a flexible chain, rope or the like may be employed, having the lowermost regions thereof secured to an eye-bolt-like device, fastened to the exterior surface of the cap portion of the tank.

Handsome man holding hand on head, checking his temperature in shirt, jeans, mask and looking exhausted. front view. Floatation collar 38 is secured to the exterior surface 40 of cylindrical hollow tank 36. Open mouth portion 42 of the tank is disposed adjacent end 44 thereof, shown opposite to cap end 46. Rigid post or beam 48, shown attached to cap end 46, is the equivalent of one of the racks 18 or 20, shown in FIG. Since the force of the negative pressure is exerted on a broad area, equivalent to the open mouth portion of say, a cylindrical tank, such downward force may be massive indeed. Unfortunately, the forces transmitted to the output shaft, when the tank is moving in an upward direction, are limited to a force equivalent to the net buoyancy of the tank. Since it is presumed that the tank is always in contact with the water, the buoyant forces are always at work.

The Kaplan apparatus requires that the total weight of the float must be greater than the difference between the individual weights associated therewith. Sufficient floats and associated weights and apparatus insure that the shaft will be constantly turning by falling weights to provide a power source. U.S. Pat. No. 3,894,241 issued July 8, 1975 to S. Kaplan discloses a power source which is powered by the energy in water waves that has a frame which supports a shaft above the waves. Pat. No. 884,080 issued Apr. Dolor de la pierna izquierda causas . Yet another object of the present invention is to provide an improved wave motor tank which has an effective specific gravity of zero when disposed in a “floating” position in a body of water. Thus, the tank, if effectively “clamped” in a most efficient manner to the water supporting same, will result in increased efficiency in a wave motor operation. Thus, the tank may be adjusted so as to move upwardly and downwardly, expressing moderate forces on the shaft or cable coupled thereto, or, if desired, may communicate great forces upon increasing the negative pressure so as to exert a great downward force, much greater than the actual weight of the tank, when the water level descends.

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If desired, any and all of the floatation compartments or the floatation collar may be coupled to a source of compressed air which is used to maintain such collars full of air, providing buoyancy for the tank. If desired, the floatation collar or floatation chamber may be coupled to a source of compressed air, utilizing a flexible hose therefor. 1 showing a floatation tank 10 shown guided by vertical posts 12 and 14. Such vertical posts are secured to platform 16. Racks 18 and 20 engage gears 22 and 24 respectively. A floatation collar or compartment may be secured to the tank.

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Hollow pipe 56 is secured to cap end 46 and has end 58 thereof communicating to the interior of tank 36. Hollow flexible pipe 60 is shown having end 62 thereof engaging collar 38, and communicates to the interior thereof. Fallis discloses a buoyant sealed tank having a pair of racks upstanding therefrom, which is vertically guided and allowed to rest in and on a body of water. Another object of the present invention is to provide an improved tank for use in wave motors which tends to maintain itself in an upright position at all times. Another advantage of the present invention is an improved tank for use in wave motors which tends to maintain itself in an upright position at all times. Another object of the present invention is to provide a floatation tank for wave motors which increases the efficiency of converting water motion to a suitable form of energy derived therefrom over existing floatation tanks.

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