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In an embodiment, pie-shaped cutouts are disposed on a side of each of the column outer shells to provide a gap for two corresponding truss members of the three truss members to connect to the inner shaft. Additional buoyancy is provided by large pontoons 1 10a and 110b that connect columns 105a, 105b, 105c and 105d, and 105e, 105f and two additional columns that are obstructed in Fig. Figure 6 provides a detailed illustration of column and truss member dimensions.

In an embodiment, one of the three stabilizing columns is of a larger diameter than the other two stabilizing columns, and the wind turbine tower is disposed over the top end of the one stabilizing column having the larger diameter. In an embodiment, the wind turbine generator tower is attached to the top of the inner shaft of one of the stabilizing columns, which is itself coupled to the inner shafts of other columns by the truss members. The wind turbine tower, in this embodiment, is disposed over the top end of the stabilizing column connected to the other two truss members of the same length. Each of the three stabilizing columns has a top end, a keel end, and an outer shell containing an inner shaft. The WEPs are cantilevered outwardly from the bottom flat keel 465 of the column and use existing structural components for support.

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Thus, the outer shell carries some of the buoyancy vertical loads applied at the keel end of the column, but these also transfer partially into the inner shaft. These loads have the particularity of being relatively high in normal operation, when the turbine is spinning and producing electricity. Each column is comprised of two concentric cylinders: an outer shell that serves as the floater to provide buoyancy, and an inner shaft with a smaller diameter than the outer shell that serves as the vertical tubular member for bearing wind turbine loads. Shear loads may vary depending on turbine power, which varies roughly proportional to rotor diameter.

The diameter Dl of column 1 605, the column carrying the wind turbine generator tower 620, may be larger than the diameter D2 of column 610 and column 615. Furthermore, the distance between the center of column 610 to the center of column 615 may be smaller or larger than the distance between the center of column 605 to the center of column 610 or column 615. Dolor lumbar y gluteo . In this structural configuration, the angle between the axes connecting column 605 to column 610, and column 605 to column 615 can vary between 45 and 60, or 60 and 90 degrees. One goal of structural design is to minimize the weight and cost of the structure. These flats 430a and 430b and bulkheads 440 with horizontal stiffeners 445 provide compartmental functionality and survivability of the floating wind turbine platform in case one compartment becomes flooded. These loads are generally smaller than the hydrostatic pressure on the nearby columns.

The outer shell of the stabilizing columns bears the majority of these hydrostatic loads on the hull. Hydrodynamic loads include wave loads from diffraction and radiation of waves on the hull and from viscosity, and current loads. In another embodiment, the distance between the centers of the two stabilizing columns not carrying the wind turbine generator may be different than the distance between the center of the two columns not carrying the wind turbine generator and the center of the column carrying the wind turbine generator. In this particular three stabilizing column embodiment, the triangular cross section appears as an isosceles triangle, different from another embodiment where the distances between the stabilizing columns centers are uniform and appearing as an equilateral triangle cross-section.

La pérdida Wind turbine equipment, such as the gear box and electrical generator, that are typically positioned within the nacelle may reside there, or, in another embodiment, they may be positioned lower in the tower, or on top of a stabilizing column. The cable may then have a curved path, which allows the floating wind turbine platform to move vertically or horizontally with the waves, current and tides without putting any significant additional tension on the cable. WEPs 220a, 220b and 220c carry significant vertical pressure loads from wave loads and viscous loads due to vortex-shedding at the edges of the WEP. In an embodiment, the column outer shell of each of the three stabilizing columns is structurally supported by at least one of the bulkheads, the ring-stiffened cylindrical flats and ring girders. In semi-submersibles, wave loads encountered by the columns are transferred laterally between columns through pontoons 1 10a and 110b and occasionally tubular truss members 1 15a, 115b, 1 15c and 1 15d, which are framed into the column outer shells.

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61/125,241, titled “Column-Stabilized Offshore Platform With Water-Entrapment Plates And Asymmetric Mooring System For Support Of Offshore Wind Turbines” filed April 23, 2008, the entire contents of which are hereby incorporated by reference. 62/182,245, titled “Floating Wind Turbine Platform Structure with Optimized Transfer of Wave and Wind Loads” filed June 19, 2015, the entire contents of which are hereby incorporated by reference. They are generated by the rotor connected to the nacelle at the tower top and then transferred at the base of the tower through bending moment as well as axial and shear force. A nacelle, which can house, for example, one or more of a pitch control system for the turbine blades, gear box, yaw controller and generator, can be mounted on top of the tower and can provide support to the hub and turbine blades that extend from the hub. The platform trim and list angles are low-pass filtered using standard low-pass filtering strategies such as high-order Butterworth filters.

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For example, the tower is typically at a height such that the tips of the turbine blades, at their lowest positions, are approximated 15-20 meters above sea level. Thus, the WEP plate thickness is typically small in comparison to the stabilizing columns outer shells. For example, the truss members may be welded to the outer shells of each column. In an embodiment, the outer shell 415 is therefore designed to withstand buckling of shells or plates on the outer shell. Each of the several stabilizing columns includes an inner shaft that is protected from external weather since it is contained inside of the outer shell of the stabilizing column. Que produce el dolor lumbar . Furthermore, each water entrapment plate is cantilevered in a plane perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the stabilizing column. The wind turbine tower may be coupled directly above a stabilizing column that supports the weight of the tower and wind turbine components, while the other stabilizing columns primarily function to stabilize the platform as a whole and keep the tower in a substantially vertical alignment.

The floating, semi-submersible wind turbine platform includes three truss members, where each truss member includes two horizontal main tubular members and two diagonal tubular members. Furthermore, the WEPs 220a, 220b and 220c are cantilevered off of the main structures (e.g., columns and/or truss members, as will be discussed in further detail below), to transfer loads back to the structure. When the structure is perfectly aligned, the X and Y axis gyroscope will not detect any acceleration.

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Those of ordinary skill in the art will recognize a variety of equivalent variations on the description. OFF. Depending on the relative angles , one, two or three ballast pumps will be on. Thus, based upon the alignment sensor signals, the ballast controller can control the pumps to adjust the liquid volume within each of the columns to correct the vertical alignment angular offset. In an embodiment, a ballast tank is disposed within each of the three stabilizing columns. The inner shaft may also contain vertical access shafts to allow personnel to move efficiently up and down within the stabilizing columns for inspections or repairs of equipment. The ballast tanks are used to contain ballast that is transferable between the three stabilizing columns by a ballast control system. For example, the platform trim and list angles, a and y, are input signals provided to the ballast control system by the gyroscopes.

The active movement of the liquid ballast between columns may compensate for the induced wind forces to keep the platform leveled. The description of the floating wind turbine platform above is not representative of an exhaustive list of characteristics as other structure may be incorporated. Figure 2 depicts structural components of a floating wind turbine platform. The hub can include a mechanism that allows the pitch of the turbine blades to be adjusted so that the rotational speed of the turbine blades is constant over a normal wind speed range. In some embodiments, the annular compartments provide a volume that may be pressurized with at least one of a liquid and a gas. Figures 5a and 5b provide detailed illustrations of water entrapment plates and corresponding components. Dolor de hombro y brazo izquierdo causas . The annular compartments provide a volume that is pressurizable with at least one of a liquid and a gas.

The subject matter in the background section merely represents different approaches, which in and of themselves may also correspond to implementations of the claimed inventions. Patent Application No.: 14/927,448, entitled “Connection System for Array Cables of Disconnectable Offshore Energy Devices,” filed on October 27, 2015, which claims priority to U.S.